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New crate loader promises
wide-ranging flexibility.

G.Mondini’s new MCL 70 and MCL 140 crate loaders present a system that has been designed to address a string of issues in the packaging line.

G.Mondini has recently launched its latest end-of-line crate loaders here in Australia, the MCL 70, and the MCL 140, each capable of packaging 70 and 140 trays per minute and can be utilised as a stand-alone module or fully integrated into existing lines.

This latest offering from Mondini, through exclusive distributor Select Equip, brings with it a string of features that have been designed to address existing issues in the crate loading space.

Select Equip Marketing and Sales Director, James White, said “while there were plenty of crate loading solutions on the market, Mondini’s MCL crate loaders are different.

Most of the other companies are what they call ‘end of line specialists’, so there are inherent issues in other systems,” he said.

Whereas G.Mondini builds its system based on a good understanding of pre-form trays. They have built a system that is capable of handling any tray packaging material currently available on the market, such as PET tray, paper, and aluminium, all through the same system.

It effectively uses similar technology as tray sealers for collating the trays, where the trays themselves never collide, which is what makes it unique.

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