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Minimise giveaways, ensure product consistency, and reduce waste with MARCO

Minimise giveaways, ensure exceptional product consistency, and reduce ingredient waste with MARCO’s effective and reliable solutions for the Ready Meal and Convenience Food industry.

The ready meal and convenience food industry has evolved significantly, offering meal kits and subscription services that provide consumers with convenient, nutritious meals without compromising on quality or taste.

Implementing MARCO solutions in your food manufacturing facility can enhance operational efficiency, promote employee accountability, and provide management with real-time tracking and control of complex ingredients. This optimisation improves quality, productivity, profitability, and traceability.

MARCO’s combination of software and high-quality hardware enables operators to use a simple red ‘no’ and green ‘go’ system for fast, accurate portioning. The takeaway scales measure the weight removed from a bulk container and display a green ‘go’ light when the weight meets the required portion specification, increasing speed, accuracy, and consistency.

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