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Tray Sealers

G. Mondini tray sealers can seal any shape and size of packaging materials on the market. We offer a complete range of G. Mondini tray sealing systems, including semi-automatic or fully automatic systems that deliver on reliability, efficiency and meet all statutory requirements for hygiene.

All G. Mondini equipment has superior mechanical and electrical drive systems to reduce production downtime, complete with menu driven operator interfaces.

G. Mondini’s patented Platform Technology allows for different packaging technologies to be applied in a simple modular way using our Trave unit.

Platform Technology gives the space and flexibility to integrate systems and processes to create numerous packaging formats.

This platform is not only the platform for the packaging but it is also the Platform for all Mondini’s future developments, which will all be built on it.

New Platform Technology
G.Mondini has developed an innovative new technology with its TRAVE line of tray sealers.
Darfresh® on Tray is developed with the innovative patented Platform Technology revolutionising skin packaging technology by allowing a single tray sealing machine to produce a variety of packaging formats with minimal change over time generating zero scrap loss, eliminating the need for scrap wind-ups therefore cutting costs while increasing production speeds.

The new interchangeable, high speed Mondini Trave technology includes:
PlatformTrave350 Platform

There are 16 tray sealing versions in the Trave range of machines; we have your production needs covered for 20-300trays / minute.

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