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Award-winning Tray Sealing Machines Delivering Ultimate Flexibility.

With semi and fully automatic options, our tray sealers are an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

Trusted by some of Australia’s biggest food production companies

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Optimal tray sealing performance and reliability for our customers

Our award-winning tray sealing machines are the perfect way to seal your food packaging quickly and easily. As a world leader in tray sealing technology, G.Mondini’s commitment to providing dynamic tray sealing systems based on quality, innovation, performance, experience and advanced technology that ensuring optimal performance and reliability for our customers.

trave tray sealing

World-class tray sealing technology

With the culmination of over 50 years’ experience in designing and building tray sealing systems, the TRAVE was created to be at the heart of any packaging system.

The design and construction mean this tray sealer can handle the demands of all industrial environments, deliver secure packs with every machine cycle, ability to seal any shape and size of packaging materials on the market, and with patented Platform Technology allows for different packaging technologies to be applied in a simple modular way.

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The TRAVE range of tray sealers is the only system on the market that's delivered future-proofed and ready to adapt to retailers ever changing packaging format requirements.


Years Tray Sealing Experience

dynamic tray sealing systems

Lowest cost of ownership compared to any other tray sealer currently on the market today.

When it comes to making purchasing decisions with food packaging equipment like tray sealing, it needs to be top-of-mind that capital expenditure is a fixed cost, but it is the ongoing cost of ownership that needs to be considered as well. TRAVE is the lowest cost of ownership compared to any other tray sealer currently on the market today.


Cigno Tray Sealing Machine

Automatic tray sealer at the cost of a semi-automatic sealer.

The Cigno is the new generation compact Tray Sealer is a game changer for those that have space restrictions, or limited technical support in the manufacturing process. The Cigno is the only sealer of its kind that requires no tools for changeover, has a small footprint, easy wash down and comes at a very competitive price point.

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Low maintenance cost & simple operation
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Advanced MAP tray-sealing technology
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It’s the only tray sealer in its class that can be feed from a conveyor.
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Small footprint at just 1.6mt
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NO compromise on quality & product shelf-life
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No air, water or vacuum pumps required
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With semi or fully automatic tray sealing solutions available, get in touch today to discuss your needs.

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