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How PurPak’s Flow Wrapping Machines empower bakeries to meet growing demands and product ranges

As the bakery industry experiences rapid growth and expanding product ranges, the demand for reliable and efficient packaging solutions has never been greater.

Two leading bakeries, a London-based establishment, and a historic Scottish brand, both faced the challenge of meeting their packaging requirements while accommodating their increasing product lines.

In both cases, PurPak’s Flow Wrapping Machines emerged as the perfect solution, providing the bakeries with the capabilities they needed to thrive in a competitive market.

The London-based premium bakery, known for its fresh morning goods and pastries supplied to hotels and retailers across the UK, had ambitious plans for product development and expansion. When looking for packaging equipment for a new production line, they considered various flow wrappers but were concerned about quickly outgrowing them as their product range and demand increased.

PurPak’s PurFlow Compact proved to be the ideal choice for this bakery’s needs. Its modular design allowed them to invest in a machine that met their immediate requirements, with the flexibility to add additional modules as their needs evolved. This eliminated the need for over-investment in equipment for potential future demands or having to invest in new machinery when their needs changed. The PurFlow Compact also facilitated fast changeovers, a critical requirement for efficiently packing their expanding product range on a single machine.

One significant challenge the bakery faced was the immediate need to begin flow wrapping their new product range.

PurPak stepped in with a solution, providing a stock machine from their local warehouse. This allowed the bakery’s packing team to start packing within just a few days, ensuring they could meet their customer order commitments without delay.

The success of the PurFlow Compact for this growing bakery was evident.

Production increased, and the modular design left them well-equipped for continued growth. Additionally, PurPak’s advanced i4.0 and remote support features brought substantial maintenance cost savings and production efficiencies. The i4.0 insights provided data-driven intelligence to increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), lower maintenance costs, and extend equipment life, contributing to the bakery’s commitment to perform smarter.

Similarly, a historic Scottish bakery renowned for its premium shortbread, biscuits, and crackers faced the challenge of increasing production capabilities to meet growing demand and an expanding product range. Their existing equipment had become unreliable, with long changeover times causing disruptions to their operations. PurPak’s flow wrapping solution proved to be the perfect fit for this renowned brand.

The complete flow wrapping setup, including the PurFlow machine, was installed efficiently to pack their full range of products. The fast, simple, and tool-less changeovers significantly minimised downtime, which had previously been costly with their older equipment. Moreover, PurPak’s Industry 4.0 insights provided valuable data-driven intelligence that increased OEE, reduced maintenance costs, and extended equipment life.

The PurFlow machine was delivered in just eight weeks, and the experienced project management ensured minimal disruption to production. As a result of the seamless installation and reliable performance of PurPak’s Flow Wrapping Machine, production efficiency soared, making them another satisfied customer.

PurPak’s Flow Wrapping Machines have emerged as the go-to solution for bakeries facing the challenge of expanding product ranges and growing production demands and have now hit the Australian market, thanks to Select Equip, one of Australia’s leading suppliers of innovative food packaging systems.

“With PurPak’s modular design, fast changeovers, and advanced i4.0 and remote support features, PurPak’s machines empower bakeries to meet current and future needs efficiently,” said our business development manager Craig Lindsell.

“The success stories of the London-based premium bakery and the historic Scottish brand are a testament to PurPak’s commitment to helping their customers perform smarter and thrive in a dynamic and competitive market and we look forward to having the same success in Australia”

PurPak has been launched here into the Australian market by Select Equip.

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