New crate loader promises
wide-ranging flexibility.

Our existing Mondini clients can start using this crate loader immediately because the user experience behind the system is the same as a tray sealer. It’s about having similar typology all the way through one line, which becomes easier for an operator with a uniform approach and adds even more elements of ease for operators.

G.Mondini’s systems are always designed with the future in mind, White said, as a means of creating systems that won’t go out of date any time soon. Regardless of what the retailers want, you already have a system that doesn’t become redundant.

The industry is constantly changing. Effectively most things we do are retail focused, so you address the issues which now are around labour and retailers having to rapidly change their offerings.

How they do that is by changing packaging materials. The system is built around this, people playing with different packaging materials.

“I don’t see it as labour reduction, I say it allows you to take that workforce and use it somewhere else, deploy it to areas which can’t be automated, as opposed to having people stuck packing a tray. The redeploying of the finite resource of labour to other areas is more important these days.

“We have customers who aren’t running some lines because they can’t find the staff to do it. The aim is to create systems that address the wants of the market today while being capable of meeting unknown changes in the future.

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