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Meet sustainability demands, but also provide your customers with secure packaging.

The scope of the non-food industry is vast, encompassing an array of products ranging from stationery to cosmetic products. Enhance your business with our top-tier packaging machines.


Versatile, durable and environmentally friendly, Paperseal it will allow you to offer your customers a high-quality product without compromising the sustainability of your business.

Upgrade to state-of-the-art non-food packaging machinery for higher efficiency and quality control across your entire production process.

With Tavil’s multiline and modular configuration it makes simultaneous works possible with different products and boxes. It allows for; 1 to 4 formats working simultaneously, Up to 500 box formats, Up to 1.300 boxes per hour and customised production control software.

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Award-winning Tray Sealing Solutions
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Utilise 20+ years Automated Packaging Experience
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Versatile installations with universal gripper to palletise simultaneously
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End-of-line solutions dedicated to non-food
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Automatic pre-glued sleeving and cartoning machines
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Custom-built multihead weighing line

Trusted by some of Australia’s biggest food production companies

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Innovative & flexible food packaging systems

Featured Solutions

Don’t limit yourself to what’s already out there, get ahead of the trends. We can help develop packaging to suit your particular industry and requirements.


Tray Sealing

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Vertical form fill seal

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Automatic Sleeving



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Whether you're looking to make your mark in the non-food market, add something new to your offerings, or build upon current success - we've can tailor a solution just for you! Contact us today.

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