New crate loader promises
wide-ranging flexibility.

The flexibility of the MCL systems extends beyond operators and into industries, such as fresh produce.

The system is transportable for the fresh produce industry, so you can move it to different pack sheds depending on the season. You also have versatility in packaging configuration and in that the systems can be moved seasonally” said White.

Flexibility is one of the most important factors in the new Mondini crate loaders, which also run on a two or three-axis, which gives further flexibility in picking positions and different tray loading combinations.

“The system can receive short or long edge leading configurations, which means however the trays are arriving, either portrait or landscape it won’t matter,” said White.

The return of investment is another area that White advised differentiates the Mondini models from others. If you’re running single shift five days a week the return on investment is two years,” he said.

“It’s about having systems which are capable of handling what the market wants, not only today but in the future.

Other features of the MCL 70 and MCL 140 include an ergonomic design, perfect stability, ease of inspection, a common platform, and a wide range of settings.

The G.Mondini crate loaders are the perfect end-of-line solution either as a stand-alone module or fully integrated into your existing line.

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