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Achieve precise batching, counting and accurate weighing for your bakery production.

Utilising our high-end bakery packaging equipment and solutions, you can confidently meet the increasingly diverse product demands with assurance that their facilities have what it takes to deliver.

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Bakery packaging equipment and solutions that delivers precise batching, accurate & fast weighing, optical counting and packing of baked goods.

Investing in state-of-the-art bakery packaging machinery enables your business to maximise efficiency while maintaining consistently high standards of quality control throughout your entire production process.

From croissants through to pizza bases, our systems allow for precise batching, accurate & fast weighing, optical counting and packing of biscuits and other bulk bakery goods with full line automation and sealing an option for cake production. Our offering extends to end-of-line solutions with automation and integrated robotics for pick and place, carton forming, closing and palletising.

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Latest generation flow wrapping equipment
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Utilise 20+ years Automated Bakery Packaging Experience
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Complete “TURNKEY”
bakery line solutions
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Delicate handling ensuring no damage to product
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Automatic pre-glued sleeving and cartoning machines
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Custom-built multihead weighing line

Trusted by some of Australia’s biggest food production companies

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Innovative & flexible bakery packaging systems

Featured Solutions

Don’t limit yourself to what’s already out there, get ahead of the trends. We can help develop packaging to suit your particular industry and requirements.


Tray Sealing

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Vertical form fill seal

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Automatic Sleeving



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Whether you're looking to make your mark in the bakery market, add something new to your offerings, or build upon current success - we've can tailor a solution just for you! Contact us today.

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