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Cartoning & Sleeving efficiency all wrapped up cut costs and improve efficiencies. Keymac manufactures a range of fully automatic pre-glued sleeving machines aimed at the ready meal market. Keymac machines offer many unique features as standard and are unmatched for performance and reliability. Low maintenance requirements and reduced running costs make them an excellent choice to provide you with the next step in efficiency and productivity.
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Keymac – K101

The K101 Tray Sleever is a fully automatic continuous motion tray sleever that places pre-glued sleeves around a variety (square, round, oval) of trays at speeds up to 60 trays per minute. With the small footprint of 1,500mm the K101 is the most compact and powerful machine in its class. Low maintenance requirements and reduced running costs make this machine an excellent choice to provide you with the next step in efficiency and productivity.

  • Cost effective and versatile system
  • Continuous Motion
  • Speeds up to 60 packs per minute
  • Small footprint of only 1.5m (6’)
  • Simple low maintenance design features
  • Energy saving design using pre-glued sleeves
  • Robust stainless-steel construction
  • Enhances products on-shelf visual appeal
  • Fits into any packaging line

Ready Meals

Ready meals are reportedly a $600 million industry, be it ready meals, meat-free or protein product that you might see on your supermarket shelves… a Keymac Sleever might be the machine behind all those sleeves.

That end-of-line visually appealing part of the packaging process, that ultimately might make you pick one ready meal over the other.

So, how do these sleeves end up on thousands of individual meals? The answer, a KeyMac machine – which is synonymous in the ready meal industry.

What makes the KeyMac the go-to for the ready meal market?

  • Their sleeving machines have been developed specifically for the ready meal industry
  • It's small footprint
  • The mobile sleever can be changed over in 5 minutes by operators without the need for tools.
  • This unique mobile system is also portable so it can be moved from one line to the next.

Fresh Produce Sleevers

With over 14 million ready meals sleeved around the world on Keymac sleevers every week, Keymac know a lot about inserting a tray into a pre-glued sleeve. Their entry into the fresh produce packing market last year in response to the global war on plastics has been well received and our vast sleeving experience has led to the development of a machinery range to handle loose fruit packed into a cardboard tray. Keymac is now supplying Sleevers to growers and packers all over the world and has developed their machines to offer alternative pack styles for produce.

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