New crate loader promises
wide-ranging flexibility.

Another issue facing the market today, labour shortages, is also addressed with the new G.Mondini Crate Loader range, the MCL 70 and MCL 140.

The MCL series is unique in the fact it can be a standalone unit, dropped into any factory and fed by any tray sealer. This can help prevent labour shortages on the lines,” said White.

The system is also flexible in that it can be installed and integrated into an existing system, with speeds of up to 3.6m/s with a position repeatability of 0,1 mm and can pick up, whether single or dual lines and is compatible with short and long edge leading crate feeding systems.

“Mondini can start with an empty tray to seal it in any packaging format you need,” said White. 

If the tray sealer’s capacity is going up and down, then it can feed that information to the crate loader. It’s about having user-friendly systems, you have a tray sealer which is easily linked to a crate loader.

This creates even more data available from the source, rather than having multiple pieces of equipment trying to extract what is happening to your line, from an operating perceptive.

All of those things go towards making production efficiency easier for manufacturers.

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