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We create more efficiency and automation within your meat production.

Discover our innovative meat packaging solutions that merge technology and consumer appeal. With offerings including the renowned MAP and sustainable award-winning packaging Paperseal, our range guarantees the lucrative blend of adaptability and cost-efficiency essential to growing your meat solutions.

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Whether it’s beef, pork or veal, in sub-primal or portioned cuts, we deliver a total meat packaging system, keeping your meat fresher for longer.

We deliver best-in-class vacuum skin packing for optimum product safety and pack security for your meat product range.

Darfresh on Tray is the innovative vacuum system from G.Mondini delivering best-in-class vacuum for optimum product safety and pack security for your meat. Extending the shelf life of case-ready fresh meats including beef, pork, lamb and seafood, this sustainable packaging solution provides zero scrap and zero film going into landfill, offering 100% film utilisation.

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Award-winning Tray Sealing Solutions
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Utilise 20+ years Automated Meat Packaging Experience
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Complete “TURNKEY”
Meat line solutions
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Tray technology for longer shelf-life and outstanding product visibility
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Automatic pre-glued sleeving and cartoning machines
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Reduces plastic content by up to 80% in vacuum skin pack format

We Are Offering Best Meat Packaging Solutions

Nobody does meat packaging better than us!
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TRAVE Tray Sealer
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Trave Tray Sealer

The Trave range of tray sealers:

  • Are the culmination of over 50 years experience in designing, building and selling tray sealers.
  • Combines the latest innovations in engineering technology, hygiene concepts and fine control over important packaging system parameters.
  • Includes the new Mondini Platform Concept at its heart – delivering our brand values of: Security, Experience, Performance and Flexibility.
  • Has a unique design removing the supporting columns around the tool area – opening up access to the important parts of the system.
  • Combines a new screw lifting system with Mondini world leading tool design to achieve complete control over the parameters of the packaging technology.
Trave Range

Vacuum Skin Packaging

Vacuum skin packaging (VSP) is a state-of-the-art packaging technique that consists of a thin layer of high-barrier plastic film over a pre-formed tray container.

  • Significant increase in shelf life leads to reduced product loss and food waste
  • Attractive, clear packaging for enhanced product visibility
  • Excellent skin effect for reduced drip loss and better shelf appeal
  • Tamper evident and easy open
Standard Skin


he resulting vacuum skin pack offers the possibility of extending food shelf-life, ensuring freshness and bringing logistic benefits.

Recycling and sustainability are the drivers of this new eco-friendly packaging: Removing the plastic film liner from the paper is simple, ensuring efficient recycling of the paper/fiber support.

The versatility of the product and its bold display are the strengths of his new packaging. In addition, thanks to a completely customisable paper based with four colour printing, it offers a new advertising solution.

The skin-pack is the solution to meet the various needs of the consumer, manufacturer and environment.

  1. Cardboard base combined with vacuum skin offers new packaging style
  2. Ability to pack irregular shapes for better merchandising
  3. All the benefits of skin packing to ensure optimal package performance


The new era in sustainable packaging for sliced processed meat and cheese.

Building on the success of SLIMFRESH® this new system was developed and launched to bring the benefits of using flat cardboard supports to sensitive sliced products packaged in MAP such as meat and cheese.

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Our innovative PaperSeal® MAP tray offers brands and retailers the opportunity to replace high barrier, Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) plastic trays with a barrier-lined paperboard alternative. The development of the innovative PaperSeal® food tray solution aligns with our Vision 2025, leveraging our industry-leading sustainability profile to expand and improve recyclable packaging solutions for our customers while reducing the impact on the environment.

We understand that the transition to fiber-based packaging is a priority for many of our customers, and it’s clear that sustainable paperboard packaging solutions must meet the functionality and performance of existing tray designs.

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Trusted by some of Australia’s biggest food production companies

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Innovative & flexible meat packaging systems

Featured Solutions

Don’t limit yourself to what’s already out there, get ahead of the trends. We can help develop packaging to suit your particular industry and requirements.

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