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Based in Denmark and a respected worldwide brand, Bilwinco is a market leader in cost-effective, reliable weighing and packing. From alone Multi Head Weigher’s to complete, integrated packaging solutions, Bilwinco develops and supplies custom-built wet or dry, multihead weighers and complete weighing solutions. Offering fixed position or fully mobile weighing systems, to suit your project needs. Bilwinco builds the best solution for your weighing and packaging line with practically all types of food products.
BILWINCO Multihead weighing into Glass, Pre-formed Trays, Thermoformed Trays and Bags

Bilwinco Solutions

Bilwinco Revolution Weigher

Bilwinco have accomplished a giant leap in performance weighing by completely rethinking the way product is handled, from the infeed over the centre cone and into the individual weigher heads. Bilwinco high performance vibrator technology can be set to move almost any product carefully and efficiently, including difficult products such as wet, sticky/ greasy and fragile products.

  • Custom built for your unique operating conditions
  • Outstanding hygienic design
  • Easy to operate with unique design and great functionality
  • Unbreakable load cells
  • Less giveaway with accurate direct weighing (20-30% less compared to traditional weighers)
  • Fully waterproof scale
  • Higher constant throughput of difficult products, keeping productivity and product quality high
  • Can handle practically all types of food products
  • Lowest cost of ownership (COO) on the market
  • Easy maintenance built into the design

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