Minimise wastage, eradicate over-packing

Marco “the productivity improvement experts” are the market leaders in providing solutions for high speed manual packing applications that ensure minimum wastage, virtual eradication of over-packing, individual operator monitoring and rapid return on investment. Known throughout the world for providing the very best technology solutions for manufacturing and packing operations, using the unique Marco Trac-IT MES software and high-quality Marco – designed & manufactured hardware.
MARCO Trac-IT Overview

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Marco Trac-IT

A highly accurate system that virtually eradicates product over pack, reduces waste and improves productivity whilst allowing you to measure, control and improve the packing process. Each operator has their own ID logon or RFID tag, ensuring that productivity data is individually logged. A simple-to-operate but technically sophisticated traffic light system guides them as they work, ensuring target weights and technical standards are consistently achieved.

  • Wide-ranging and immediately traceable packing data
  • The number of packs completed over time/per operator
  • The total quantity of produce allocated to each line
  • The actual amount of saleable product packed at each workstation/line
  • The total amount of waste generated at each workstation/line
  • Pack weight trends by operator/team/line/factory
  • Yield/mass balance data by batch run/total production
  • A sophisticated performance rating by operator/team/line/factory

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