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Marco “the productivity improvement experts” are the market leaders in providing solutions for high-speed manual packing applications that ensure minimum wastage, virtual eradication of over-packing, individual operator monitoring and rapid return on investment. Known throughout the world for providing the very best technology solutions for manufacturing and packing operations, using the unique Marco Trac-IT MES software and high-quality Marco – designed & manufactured hardware.  
MARCO Trac-IT Overview

Marco Solutions

Marco Trac-IT

A highly accurate system that virtually eradicates product over pack, reduces waste and improves productivity whilst allowing you to measure, control and improve the packing process. Each operator has their own ID logon or RFID tag, ensuring that productivity data is individually logged. A simple-to-operate but technically sophisticated traffic light system guides them as they work, ensuring target weights and technical standards are consistently achieved.

  • Wide-ranging and immediately traceable packing data
  • The number of packs completed over time/per operator
  • The total quantity of produce allocated to each line
  • The actual amount of saleable product packed at each workstation/line
  • The total amount of waste generated at each workstation/line
  • Pack weight trends by operator/team/line/factory
  • Yield/mass balance data by batch run/total production
  • A sophisticated performance rating by operator/team/line/factory

MARCO TrayMaster

MARCO TrayMaster. It’s a new system designed specifically to reduce the resources required at the end of a packing line.

Designed specifically to reduce the resources required at the end of a packing line and automates the final packing process with a healthy return on investment (ROI) created by considerable savings in labour.

With many businesses struggling to employ their regular skilled/experienced workforce, due to the effects of Covid-19, TrayMaster can quickly and simply reduce that requirement and the associated costs.

TrayMaster automates the final packing process with a healthy return on investment (ROI) created by considerable savings in labour.  It’s new and is really exciting to see new technology, especially in the current labour shortage climate we’re facing.

Bringing accurate and traceable weighing to fieldside packing operations

A  number of large growers,  especially ones operating multiple farms,  have expressed significant interest in being able to bring improved control to  their field-side packing operations.

They currently either pack ‘aesthetically’, without weighing  the  produce,  or  to  minimum  weight regulations using basic stand-alone scales. Both methods  offer  no  electronic  traceability  and typically result in a high level of over-pack.

Marco recognise that the structure and operation of  these  growers  make  building  a  number of  individual  pack  houses  at  each  farm  both expensive  and  impractical.  As  a  result,  accurate mobile weighing systems, designed specifically for fresh produce packing and using the latest proven electronic  technologies,  can  bring  significant benefits to field-side packing operations.

These  systems  de-skill  the  packing  process, virtually eliminating over-pack, improving revenue and ensuring growers meet supermarkets’ strict quality and technical compliance requirements.

An  added  benefit  is  that  growers  can  measure individual  packer  performance  to  allow  targeted training.  The  improved  productivity  also  helps  to reduce  the  critical  time  to  transport  the  picked product from the field to the chiller areas.Marco are the global industry leaders in the design of  total  pack  house  solutions  that  deskill  the packing process and increase productivity by 30% or more. Key deliverables are virtual eradication of giveaway, reduced labour overheads, improved quality,  improved  pack  house  integration  and total pack house visibility. Their modular systems integrate seamlessly with recognised higher level management software systems, ensuring optimum pack  house  control.  Complete  packing  solutions for  both  permanent  pack  house  systems  and mobile field-side applications can be individually tailored to meet clients’ needs.

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