Ready Meal
Packaging Machines

Select Equip offers a wide range of technologies and solutions to suit the Ready Meal industry.

There’s G.Mondini’s revolutionary system that thermoforms or tray seals in the same line and other systems that can handle all preformed trays on the market, with various sealing, lidding applications and tub/tray products.

Our systems bring full line automation. We have extensive experience handling stiff products like Mash Potato, sticky cooked rice and pastas as well as liquid products like soups and sauces. Our offering extends to end-of-line solutions with automation and integrated robotics for pick and place, carton forming, closing and palletising.

Our Ready Meal
Packaging Machines solutions

  • 20+ years automated ready meal experience
  • Have a meal idea? Mondini can automate it
  • Lines, for chilled, frozen, retorted & HPP
  • Solutions for soups, sauces, lasagna and heat & eat meals
  • Able to seal any type of ready meal pack on the same line
  • Valves, snap on lids
  • Achieve 40% film savings
  • Reduce unaccountable losses and give away
  • Complete factory floor monitoring: Inwards goods, quality control, outwards goods
  • Modular software and hardware systems that grow with your business
  • One-click Line Control Module (LCM)
  • Easily control the variety of hardware used to fill ready meal recipes
  • Fast changeover of all hardware on the line via the LCM
  • Multi format case package solutions for ready meals
  • Efficient compact and modular configuration
  • Add to the line as your business grows and new products come on
  • Push-button operation for different products and pack sizes
  • Customized robot grippers
  • Stainless steel
  • Custom-built weighing line
  • Highly accurate weights
  • Portion control for value-add cooked product
  • Flexible mobile multihead weighers
  • Quick washdown and changeover
  • Rotating rim system to enable even long pasta to be weighed accurately
  • Full turnkey ready meal lines with customized weigh heads
  • Pre-glued Sleeving and cartoning machines
  • Designed & engineered specifically for ready meals
  • Compact, small footprint, portable sleever
  • Easily moved from one line to the next
  • Simple to changeover (without tools)

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