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Award-winning G.Mondini is world leader in tray sealing technology with a culmination of 50 years' experience designing & building tray sealers.

Commitment to providing dynamic tray sealing systems based on quality, innovation, performance, and experience.

G. Mondini is a world-leading manufacturer of complete lines for dosing and packaging food products. From the most complex and complete line for the production and packaging of “case & ready” to the single sealing machine in simple or modified atmosphere, G. Mondini’s offering is unrivalled in terms of quality and reliability.

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Created multiple packaging technologies, in a variety of applications, all with a single platform.

Continuous research and development, in collaboration with the largest food packaging material companies, have made it possible to create multiple packaging technologies, in a variety of applications, but all with a single platform, thus defining the concept of Trave Platform Technology.

The Trave® TraySealer – the flagship product in the range designed by G. Mondini, is capable of producing unique types of packaging. Their success is the result of commitment and hard work, dedication and continuous technological research, full collaboration and total synergy with all their customers.

Platformer introduces innovative solutions to the packaging line world, bridging the gap between thermo-forming and tray sealing lines. Benefit from both value packs and higher quality flexible ones to meet your unique needs!


Years Of Experience

Combining the Mondini Trave with the Mondini Platformer – your packaging line becomes what could be defined as a thermosealer… giving the best of both worlds. Free to switch from thermoformed in-line trays from a reel or pre-made trays at any moment in time during production, according to the needs of your business.

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Unrivalled design and engineering to fabricate perfect quality trays.
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Continuous high-speed production
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Lowest tray packaging cost is delivered through an innovative cutting and forming system.
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Flexibility to use wide range of material gauge and colours
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Robustly engineered with hygienic design for low maintenance.
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Optimal use of packaging material with process waste below 2%

Select Equip are the exclusive distributor of G.Mondini tray sealing systems, including semi-automatic or fully automatic systems that deliver on reliability, efficiency and meet all statutory requirements for hygiene. Get in touch today.

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