AUSPACK 2022 Select Equip overview


The atmosphere was buzzing and it was fantastic to meet with an amazing range of food businesses and people, with an opportunity to not only see what is happening in the industry but to hear what terrific innovative ideas were being considered by those we spoke to. 

The show hit a record with the highest number of Australian companies taking part in the show and visitor numbers exceeding expectations, which just highlighted the importance of visiting AUSPACK if you're in the food space, with automation a major focus.

Sustainable Packaging Finalist!

Select Equip was nominated as a finalist for our Paperseal Sustainable Packaging in the Packaging Design Innovation Category at The APPMA 2022 Awards of Excellence. APPMA is a national awards program for the Australian packaging and processing industry, recognising excellence, innovation, leadership and best practice. 

Products we featured on the stand:

Keymac K101-S

Keymac's fully automatic pre-glued sleeving machines are unmatched for performance and reliability. Their low maintenance requirements and reduced running costs make these machines an excellent choice.


- Achieve speeds up to 75 packs per minute

- Specifically designed for a 5-minute changeover 

- Compact footprint 1.5 meters
- Fully adjustable without the need for costly change parts

- Minimum moving parts, Low maintenance cost 

- Pre-glued sleeves can be provided by any supplier 

- Installation time 30 minutes 

- Installed on any line that uses rigid & semi-rigid primary packaging

Reduced running costs make these machines an excellent choice to provide our customers with the next step in achieving greater efficiency, and productivity that will facilitate growth. 

G.Mondini TRAVE-340 Tray Sealing Machine

Mondini is the leader in tray sealing technology with the Trave-340 being the smallest tray sealer in the G.Mondini range. It's a fully automatic system built on the same principles as the rest of the TRAVE range.


- Compact design whilst still delivering all the benefits of the PLATFORM Technology

- Fully automatic system built on the same principles as the rest of the TRAVE range

- Can be used as a single unit or easily integrated into a fully automatic packaging system

- High performance on all levels with an unsurpassed level of reliability

- Mechanical/Electrical system delivers high sealing force and consistency 

- Smart belt technology at the infeed will pace and group the trays accurately preparing them for transfer to the sealing station

- Unique pusher arms deliver smooth tray handling to avoid shaking and excessive 
 deceleration ensures smooth and accurate product handling

- Hygienic design with no closed cavities eliminating dirt traps 

- One main electrical cabinet at top of the machine allows full wash down

- Complete tool and format changeover in 10 minutes

Bilwinco RW110W Multihead Weigher 

As a respected worldwide company, Bilwinco prides itself on the ability to design multi-head weighing solutions that meet Australia’s specific needs by combining existing technologies and machines in new and innovative ways.


- Vibrator technology can be set to move almost any product carefully and efficiently, 
 including difficult products such as wet, sticky/greasy and fragile products

- With less giveaway – direct weighing ensures 20 to 30 per cent less giveaway compared to traditional weighers and with higher constant throughput and superb vibration technology

- A vibrating centre cone, mounted on a load cell, that controls the product flow

- Ability to handle customers products, from the product infeed over the centre cone and into the individual weigher heads, they have accomplished nothing less than a performance leap in this crucial area

- High speed and high accuracy start with the ability to transport the product perfectly 

- Starts with basic default settings, but within a few seconds the control has optimised 
 the speed and performance automatically

- The lowest cost of ownership on the market makes Bilwinco a standout 

- Weighers are divided into two groups, one for wet groups and one for dry - designed to enhance performance in a cost-effective way

Marco SelectMaster 

Marco’s SelectMaster is an innovative combination weighing solution ideally suited for the Fresh Produce industry


- Complete stainless-steel multi-station combination scale

- Designed specifically for both Average and Minimum weight operations

- Virtually eradicates giveaway & Increases line speed

- Increases productivity by giving an accurate weight of +/- 1gram

- Perfect solution for table grapes, tomatoes, capsicums & a wide variety of fresh produce

- Deskills the packing process, removes the guesswork and increases packing speeds

- Use of audio and visual guides makes the packing process seamless and simple to use meaning very little training is required

- The twelve-pan scale can achieve speeds of over 20ppm with two operators

- Complete stainless-steel multi-station combination scale

- Designed specifically for both average and minimum weight operations 

GKS UP 350

The GKS UP 350 is a vertical form, fill and seal machine that creates bags from a flat film from the reel. The machines are suitable for packing many types of food products.


- Large range in pack sizes (75 up to 350 mm bag width and unlimited bag length)

- A capacity of up to 50 bags per minute (70 bags per minute for the full servo version), this machine can be used in a wide variety of packaging situations

- Standard configuration produces pillow bags

- Optionally the machine can also produce self-standing bags or quadroseal bags

- Modular construction guarantees that each module can be exchanged within minutes

- Compact and flexible

- Due to its low height and small footprint the machine is very versatile

- Stainless steel and open construction for easy cleaning

- Servo-driven film transport for accurate bag length & end of film detection

- Photocell for bag length detection with pre-printed film

If you have any questions about our machines featured or want to discuss ideas, please email or phone our team on 1800 101 122 to discuss.