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G.Mondini’s PaperSeal Trays are a revolutionary innovation in the packaging industry

G.Mondini’s PaperSeal Trays are a revolutionary innovation in the packaging industry, offering a sustainable, efficient and flexible solution for food products. PaperSeal Trays are made of 80-90% paperboard and 10-20% film, reducing plastic use and enhancing recyclability. PaperSeal Trays can also provide high barrier protection, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and vacuum skin packaging (VSP) for various applications, such as dairy, meat, fish, poultry, snacks and produce.

PaperSeal Trays have been recognized by several prestigious awards for their environmental and functional benefits. Recently, PaperSeal Trays developed for New Seasons Market, a US-based natural food retailer, won an AmeriStar Award from the Institute of Packaging Professionals. The award honors excellence in packaging design, innovation and sustainability. PaperSeal Trays also won three WorldStar Awards from the World Packaging Organisation, including a special award in sustainability for Woolworths PaperSeal Meat Tray, which uses 75% less plastic versus the previous packaging format. The WorldStar Awards are the pre-eminent international awards in the packaging sector.

PaperSeal Trays are developed in partnership with Graphic Packaging International, a leading provider of paper-based packaging solutions. Graphic Packaging International supplies the paperboard material and G.Mondini provides the tray sealing technology and equipment. G.Mondini is a global leader in tray sealing solutions with 50 years of experience and innovation. G.Mondini is committed to designing and manufacturing safe, sustainable and affordable food technologies for the future.

PaperSeal Trays are available to the Australian market through Select Equip, a trusted supplier of packaging equipment and materials. Select Equip can help customers transition to PaperSeal Trays with ease and efficiency, providing technical support and expertise. Select Equip can also offer a range of other alternative packaging substrates and designs that are compatible with G.Mondini’s tray sealing machines.

If you are interested in learning more about PaperSeal Trays and how they can help you achieve your sustainability goals, please contact us today. We would love to hear from you and show you how PaperSeal Trays can make a difference for your business and the environment.

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