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G.Mondini Neural-S Vision System launched at FoodPro 2023

G.Mondini with partner Select Equip launches the revolutionary Neural-S Vision System at FoodPro 2023 


In Australia G.Mondini, a global leader in tray sealing technology, will unveil the intelligent Neural-S Vision System at the FoodPro tradeshow Melbourne via it’s Australian partner Select Equip on stand T20. The Neural-S is an integrable or stand-alone module that seamlessly integrates with existing G.MONDINI tray sealing lines.

Designed to increase product compliance and reduce labour intensity, the Neural-S delivers unparalleled non-destructive inspection capabilities at high throughput through the utilisation of advanced deep learning algorithms.

With its exceptional speed, accuracy, and reliability, the Neural-S enables qualitative inspection of products, ensuring compliance and enhancing overall quality control.

The G.Mondini Neural-S Vision System offers several key features and benefits. First, it reduces labour intensity, allowing businesses to achieve significant reductions in labour requirements and optimise operational efficiency while reducing costs. Additionally, it provides exceptional flexibility by offering a single unit capable of handling multiple-product compliance, eliminating the need for multiple systems or configurations.

Moreover, the Neural-S Vision System operates independently from operator expertise, reducing the risk of human error and ensuring consistent inspection results and with fast integration into existing production lines, it allows for seamless integration, minimising downtime, and maximising productivity.

James White, Sales and Marketing Director at Select Equip stated that “The Neural-S Vision System has revolutionises quality control through artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms. By training the camera to recognise various skin pack and product defects, including foreign object detection, product positioning, vacuum deficiencies, and wrinkles, the Neural-S ensures accurate classification and inspection according to specific requirements”

“The Neural-S is a game-changer in the industry, combining cutting-edge technology with enhanced operational efficiency,” said Mr White. “It provides food manufacturers with the tools they need to achieve increased product compliance while significantly reducing labour intensity.”

Artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms empower the Neural-S to deliver high throughput quality control at remarkable speed, accuracy, and reliability. Its integration capabilities and compact design make it an essential addition to any production line, optimising space utilisation and enhancing operational efficiency.

The Neural-S Vision System represents G.Mondini’s commitment to innovation and delivering cutting-edge solutions to the food packaging industry, with Select Equip bringing this technology to the Australian market. Visit the Select Equip stand T30 at FoodPro Melbourne from July 23-26, 2023, to experience the Neural-S Vision System firsthand and discover how it can revolutionise your production processes.

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