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PurPak’s Edge Compact Enables Sustainable Packaging with Paper Film

PurPak, a leading provider of vertical form fill seal machine (VFFS) and Flow wrapping solutions, has successfully installed its Edge Compact system to support a major UK retailer in their efforts to significantly reduce plastic packaging. The retailer sought an alternative solution as their existing equipment, sourced from another manufacturer, was unable to handle paper film.

PurPak’s extensive experience and understanding of the customer’s requirements allowed them to deliver a tailored solution that seamlessly integrated into the retailer’s existing production line. The versatility of the PurPak Edge range, with adjustable sealing pressure and temperature controls, proved to be an ideal match for paper films. Unlike other films such as polyethylene (PE), paper films have narrower tolerances, requiring no customisations to the customer’s machine. The PurPak system worked flawlessly right out of the box.

With the implementation of PurPak’s Edge Compact, the retailer is now capable of packing vegetables in 100% plastic-free and fully recyclable paper bags. Furthermore, the built-in industry 4.0 technology of PurPak enhances the retailer’s production Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), contributing to increased efficiency and productivity.

PurPak takes pride in supporting sustainability initiatives and assisting brands and retailers in meeting their environmental commitments. The company has invested significant time in testing and validating various sustainable materials, including paper, compostable alternatives, bio-based options, and reusable and recyclable PP and PE.

PurPak’s dedication to helping customers #PerformSmarter is exemplified byPerformSmarter their commitment to sustainable packaging solutions. To learn more about PurPak.

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