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PurPak hits the Australian Market

From its advanced open frame hygienic design through its modern systems and Industry 4.0 engineering, PurPak look set to become major players here in Australia thanks to Select Equip’s keen eye for innovation and picking the next generation in food packaging suppliers.

As the food industry continues to evolve rapidly, it is essential that businesses keep up with cutting-edge technology. One way they can do this is by investing in a reliable form, fill, seal (VFFS and HFFS) packaging machines.

PurPak’s open frame design, ground up planning and build, right through to its focus on making VFFS machines that are specifically designed for high care food manufacturing, PurPak looks set for a bright future here in Australia. 

PurPak was founded 8 years ago, but its roots in the VFFS industry run much deeper. The minds behind PurPak and their machines have decades of experience working in this arena with a shared vision for success – giving customers an unbeatable team to trust when taking on new ventures. 

We’re proud to be the company behind bringing this innovation to the Australian Market. James White, our Sales and Marketing Director stated that “we want to provide our customers the most reliable, cutting-edge suppliers in the marketplace today.

The moment I understood what PurPak could provide, not only for our current customers, but those needing VFFS and HFFS solutions, I knew we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring PurPak to Australia” And with that, the experience and knowledge of what quality, reliability and support our Australian Food Manufacturer’s need in today’s production settings.  

PurPak are here to make big waves in the industry with their unique designs, modern systems, top of the line customer service through Select Equip, and all without breaking your budget.  They have years of experience and expertise in understanding VFFS machines and the client’s needs to design a new machine concept from the ground up, utilising an open frame design with simple mechanics and modern, non-proprietary electrical components i.e. PLC, Servo Motors/Drives and HMI. 

All Packaged together with the Advanced Industry 4.0 engineering offering; Smart, Connected, Actionable data plus OEE historic and improvement analysis plus Preventative Maintenance Alerts / Reporting.  

Craig Lindsell, Flexible Packaging Systems Business Development Manager at Select Equip said “For many years, an open frame machine was always a goal but never eventuated, here we have a company that put Open Frame Hygienic design first on the list when designing the new VFFS machine’s “   

No matter how good the machine is, maintenance or repairs will have to be done at some stage in the machines life. Closed frame machines are really difficult to work on, basically everything is in a box of steel. Which is compounded if the electrical cabinet is firmly attached to one side. So, if you need to access mechanics or motors on the far side of the access door you have to be Houdini to perform the simplest maintenance or repairs. Purpak’s open frame machine’s allow you to literally get inside the machine with easy access to all components. 

Mr Lindsell stated, If I had a dollar for the number of times, I have been asked ”is your machine IP rated?” I’m proud to say that Purpak Edge and Edge HV are IP65 as standard (Optional IP66), so I think we have that covered with Purpak. This is next level High Care Compliant Vertical Form Fill Seal.  

PurPak Pack Styles

Not only that Mr Lindsell stated “there are the small things like the optional use of RFID identification both for operators / supervisors, but also forming tube assemblies, feeding back to the pre-set of the machine to minimise the chance of errors in set up.  
All Manual positions required for set up with gauges, saved in HMI for operator prompting and acknowledgement. Again, this is lacking in some of the existing machines in the market and is extremely simple and cheap to do from a manufactures point of view but overlook by some that make PurPak a standout.” 

Sometimes it’s the simple things that catch you eye but are also missed like the optional barcode scanner at the rear of the machine for scanning the roll of the film allowing barcode driven set up for pre-sets. 

Mr Lindsell stated “I don’t know how many times I have straddled the takeaway conveyor to change a forming tube. Again, it’s the simple things” Purpak’s design pivot’s the forming tube support to allow the forming tube to be removed while you’re standing to the side of the conveyor or utilising a trolley without removing the takeaway conveyor.  

Select Equip brings to Australia not only Purpak’s VFFS & HFFS machines designed with simplicity and strength at the machines core, ensuring a consistently robust, efficient and reliable system for your business, but also a dedicated national company with service and spare parts departments ensuring maintenance and support for your investment.  

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