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Leading supplier of table grapes
in Spain install MARCO

Table Grapes – S.A.T MOYCA, one of the leading suppliers of table grapes in Spain installed MARCO Limited a major multi-line packhouse system.

“Our previous MARCO pack house installation was a huge success, massively increasing our productivity whilst giving us control over the packing process. Signing with MARCO for our new facility was an easy choice to make.”

Moyca’s CEO, Enrique Moya Salas

One of MARCO’s largest packhouse installations to date, SAT Moyca commissioned MARCO to design and install a large table grape packing system to improve productivity and introduce live production data to Moyca’s packing facility in Murcia.

S.A.T MOYCA, located in the Region of Murcia (Spain), exports 40 million Kilos of seedless table grapes per annum, supplying leading supermarkets and major retailers throughout Europe, South Africa, India, the Middle East, the USA and Canada. The company has a pioneering approach to sustainable agriculture and has 100% Global Gap certification.

The Challenge

SAT Moyca approached MARCO to design and install a full goods-in to goods-out solution with the aim of increasing their overall productivity whilst providing reportable data to allow them to identify issues and take rapid remedial action to improve.

The Solution

One of MARCO’s largest projects to date, engineers designed and installed a state-of-the-art, multi-station system in Moyca’s pack house in South-East Spain. The Marco Trac-IT Yield Control module installed on site has enabled Moyca to efficiently produce consistent punnets and boxes of table grapes with virtually zero overpack.

The innovative ‘one light = one fruit’ lightbar deskills the packing process and has increased line speed and overall productivity dramatically across the facility. The solution also implements the MARCO Trac-IT Production Data Display module with 19 HD factory screens around the pack house, displaying live production data as well as technical and quality control videos. This not only reduces training requirements but has also been proven to increase productivity by creating a sense of competition amongst operators.

The Result

Increases in productivity and a significant reduction in giveaway combined with Moyca’s impressive volumes led to a rapid return on investment for the Spanish table grape producer. After the successful installation within Moyca’s first pack house another similar project was commissioned soon after at Moyca’s newest facility. Moyca’s CEO, Enrique Moya Salas was equally pleased with the new contract.

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