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Food Packaging Machinery for Small Business

For small businesses, a very large capital investment may not be possible, you may not have the need or volume (just yet) for a high-producing automatic machine or it may be a space concern. You need to ensure that everything lies under your budget, capacity or within the confines of your space, without any issues.

Therefore, food packaging machines like the ones we will mention below can be the best solution for small companies. Their compact sizes, and ability to be semi and fully automated and good production quantities make them a must-have for small food packaging businesses.

Food packaging machinery for small businesses

Here are a few different types of food packaging machines that will help your small business in your food packaging journey:

Auto Sleeving Machine:

  • Keymac K50

The Keymac K50 is a fully automatic sleeving machine capable of placing pre-glued sleeves around trays and or tubs. It’s a compact auto sleeving machine suitable for smaller capacity lines, with its simple proven design offering high efficiency at a competitive price. Low maintenance requirements and reduced running costs make this machine an excellent choice to provide you with the next step in efficiency and productivity. With a 1.5 m footprint, the machines can fit most production lines and run at up to 35 sleeves/min. The fully automatic machine is capable of placing pre-glued sleeves around trays or tubs in square, round and oval shapes. Size changes can be achieved in less than 5 min. The machine’s simple design results in low maintenance requirements. The K50 offers all the benefits of the highly successful K101 for smaller capacity lines.

Just the facts:

  • Small footprint of only 1.5 mtr in length
  • Handles square, round and oval products
  • Size change achieved in less than 5 minutes
  • Simple low maintenance design features
  • Energy saving design using pre-glued sleeves
  • Capable of speeds up to 35 packs per minute
  • Robust, stainless steel construction

Check out the Keymac K50 in action 

  • Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS)machines 

GKS Mini With MINI, GKS once again offers an extremely compact and competitive packaging machine, built according to its inventive simplicity and characterised by a ‘frameless design’. MINI is ideal for small bags with applications numerous, such as packing small portions of dressing and sauces, cheese, croutons or nuts. Despite its small dimensions, MINI is a ‘mature’ machine with a capacity of up to 65 packs per minute and a maximum bag width of 160mm and is equipped as standard with a heat sealing system for PP/laminate/paper-material, lateral film adjustment, a 7” full-colour touchscreen, end of film detection and servo-controlled film transport.

The vertical food packaging machine can do a lot of the work, being just a single unit. This machine is mainly used to produce packaging bags. The material to be used for packing is usually present as a single sheet, and it is pulled by belts, unwinding the material roll. There are multiple rollers that keep the packaging material sheet taught so that the packing is smooth. The printing portion of the vertical food packaging machine will print the required labels, markings, logos, etc., to make the overall packaging more attractive. The sheets are moved and sealed in a way to get the required bag formation. The required food item is added, and the bag is finally sealed off to have the end-product. The whole process is automated, and you just need to ensure the constant supply of raw materials -the machine will take care of the rest! Instead of having extremely large conveyor belts and separate units for each process, the vertical packaging machine will take care of everything needed. The production rate is quite fast, and some units can even have a monitoring system incorporated to check for any faulty packages.

GKS Leaf

VFFS machine innovation and flexibility is all about the ability to not only meet current needs but adapting to future requirements and trends too, especially when it comes to consumer needs and wants.

GKS Leaf – produce perfect bags with paper, without compromise. The first vertical form, fill and seal machine GKS Leaf was specifically developed to produce paper bags out of 100 per cent recyclable and compostable paper mono-material.

Lafer Cosmic

Lafer Packaging machines & automated lines – the Cosmic is known for its robustness and flexibility. Full servo, suitable for manual loading or to be integrated with low/medium speed automatic lines. Cosmic is Lafers most versatile machine, suitable for every type of product: food, non-food and pharmaceutical. Cosmic is a great solution for the bread industry packaging so: baguette packaging, bread loaf packaging, buns packaging, hot dog bread packaging, breadsticks packaging, sliced bread packaging, small panettone.

Mondini Trave 340

Mondini Trave 340 combining high performance in a compact design whilst still delivering all the benefits of the PLATFORM Technology. The TRAVE-340 is the smallest tray sealer in the range but is still a fully automatic system built on the same principles as the rest of the TRAVE range. It can be used as a single unit or easily integrated into a fully automatic packaging system. This compact unit delivers high performance on all levels with an unsurpassed level of reliability.

Are you ready to find the right food packaging machinery for your small business? Contact our team at to discuss your current requirements and let our expert team guide you on the best solution.

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