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Bilwinco: Bringing flexible
multi-head weighing to Australia

As a respected worldwide company, Bilwinco prides itself on the ability to design multi-head weighing solutions that meet Australia’s specific needs by combining existing technologies and machines in new and innovative ways.

By completely rethinking the way they handle customers’ products, from the product infeed over the centre cone and into the individual weigher heads, they have accomplished nothing less than a performance leap in this crucial area. The vibrator technology can be set to move almost any product carefully and efficiently, including difficult products such as wet, sticky/greasy and fragile products.

With LESS GIVEAWAY – direct weighing ensures 20-30% less giveaway compared to traditional weighers and with higher constant throughput and superb vibration technology, it has allowed Bilwinco to keep productivity high and the ability to handle products no one else can.

High speed and high accuracy start with the ability to transport the product perfectly. Bilwinco’s machines start out with basic default settings, but within a few seconds the control has optimised the speed and performance automatically, which makes the job for the operator easy and the production managers happy. It is a skill Bilwinco has been known for, as the best in the market, since 1955. Every machine leaving the factory has gone thru a custom and product-dependent routine, securing ideal amplitude and frequency for the specific product and project requirements.

Select Equip’s sales director James White said “With our partnership with Bilwinco, the number one priority is making life easier for our customers. From Bilwinco’s design, pre-test and engineering and Select Equip’s installation, commissioning, and service, it’s a partnership that our customers benefit from and with the lowest cost of ownership on the market, it makes Bilwinco a standout in the Australian market”

Bilwinco provides semi or fully automatic units and complete solutions covering feeding, multihead weighing, filling, portioning, positioning and packaging, traceability, data management and local quality service and support through Select Equip.

BILWINCO stands for practical and profitable solutions, solutions designed to work in your production 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They know-how covers practically all types of food products. Bilwinco know what it takes, whether your product is fresh, frozen, wet or dry, fragile or extremely sticky with Select Equip’s James White stating “everything is geared towards increasing productivity, decreasing maintenance costs and promoting overall profit.”

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