Support that goes
beyond service

Our dedicated support division, Uptime Equip delivers proven
performance you can rely on. Uptime Equip is a partnership
agreement with a program of on-going service, support and
expertise that assures the performance of your equipment,
even in the most demanding production environments.

Totally focused on your success.
For today and into the future.

The kind of support you can expect from Select Equip goes way beyond servicing your equipment. We are committed to providing you a first-class partnership that’s totally focused on your success – today and tomorrow.



Even before your new equipment goes to work at your production facility, our dedicated team of technicians, system designers and consultants develop smart solutions that are a perfect fit for your industry, workflow and business.

This commitment extends beyond your initial investment to the entire lifecycle of your equipment through Uptime Equip, our dedicated support division.

Building smart systems

Design your system

Our Sales Consultants bring many years of on-the-job experience and technical know-how to work closely with you, developing the perfect system especially for your needs today, while also planning for potential future growth and expansion.

Thorough analysis and consultation at this design & selection phase helps us get a complete understanding of your needs and recommend a custom solution for your particular production demands. We’ll consider everything you need to build a successful system including issues such as: automation, efficiency, ROI, sustainability, scalability, streamlining processes and more. Our system designers can help you develop a plan together in consultation, or we can build a system that responds to your existing marketing or long-term business plans.

Develop the right pack

Select Equip packaging workshops are a great way to tap into our extensive knowledge & experience to find just the right pack. Spend quality time with our team to discuss the finer details of your project. View our comprehensive range of sample packaging materials and containers from around the world covering all of the industries we invest in. Hear customer success stories from real-world production scenarios and thanks to our worldwide network, discover the latest innovations in packaging materials & formats from all around the world.

Invest wisely

We are dedicated to support the growth of your business by ensuring any investment you make in equipment is a smart one. The Select Equip team can advise you on the full range of options available and help you tailor your investment to suit your business needs. By analysing various equipment choices and system configurations we can help you discover the clear cost of ownership, ROI, long-term viability and lifetime cost of your equipment in the context of any budgets and financial goals.

Integrate smoothly

Working with customers across many industries, we set the benchmark in production knowledge, experience and delivery excellence. Our delivery process ensures your new equipment arrives at your production facility with an unprecedented level of precision. The Select Equip delivery team are on hand to ensure smooth integration with minimal interruption and down-time so that you will be up, running and ready for production as quickly possible.

Beyond Service

Help desk & on-site support, normal and after hours, on-going service and scheduled maintenance.

Uptime Equip provides peace of mind that your equipment is well looked after.

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Dedicated people


select equip service

Highly trained professionals

Our specialised team of on-demand technicians & engineers maintain the highest standards through regular training programs at our partner’s overseas manufacturing facilities. These trained professionals bring years of experience, diagnostic problem solving and technical expertise to take great care of your equipment.