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Case Forming and Closing

The Tavil Case Forming and Closing systems Forms and Closes boxes from a cardboard blank using hot melt glue. The multiformat system allows the memorizing of up to 99 different boxes and is able to work simultaneously from 1 to 4 different boxes with a single or dual head machine.

Ready to work with different box designs and different box sizes with just the press of a button.
Production of up to 1.200 boxes/hour according to designs and sizes.

The instantaneous automatic changeover makes the machine ready to work in less than 4 seconds with different box designs and/or different box sizes.

With the possibility to install up to 4 magazines of different-sized cardboard blanks to feed several production lines in a simultaneously Its modular design allows an economy of scale as instead of purchasing new equipment you just have to add additional magazines to the box forming unit.

Case Forming and Closing

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