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Keymac Packaging Systems

Select Equip is the sole distributor of Keymac Packaging Systems Ltd supplying machines for: cartons, sachets, sleeving. Keymac Packaging Systems portfolio enables Select Equip to offer cost effective and versatile systems for secondary packaging solutions.

One of Keymacs innovations is the fully automatic K101 sleeving machine its perfect for placing pre-glued sleeves around square, round and oval packaging. With the small footprint of 1,500mm and a capacity of 70 sleeves per minute the K101 is the most compact and powerful machine in its class, it easily fits into existing production lines, enhances a products visual appeal and increases production capacity.

Keymac’s automatic Cartoning Machines are versatile and capable of numerous carton designs and sizes….

With options to suit all levels of required automation and the option of End or Top loading systems options packaging has never been easier.

End Loading:

Horizontal End Load Cartoning machines are the most common form of cartoning machinery used around the world for opening, loading, and sealing cartons. Horizontal End Load Cartoners are very popular because they are simple in concept, versatile and they’re designed to easily accommodate numerous product types and carton sizes.

Keymac offers three types of End loader Cartoning Machines:

The fully automatic KCM3 Cartoner erects horizontal end load cartons that are filled automatically and loaded and closed.

The semi-automatic KCM2 Cartoner will erect horizontal end load cartons that are loaded by hand and then closed automatically.

The semi-automatic KCM1 Cartoner erects horizontal end load cartons which will then be loaded and closed by hand.

Top Loading:

Vertical End Load Cartoning machines allow gravity to make hand loading single and multi-count products much easier and ergonomic in the packing process.

Keymac offers two Top Loading Cartoner systems:

The KCF Top Loading carton Former can be equipped to handle most tray or top load carton sizes. As standard the unit runs in continuous motions and has a capacity of up to 100 strokes per minute.

The KVR automatically erects, fills and closes vertical and load cartons, and are perfect for loose-fill product applications where automatic scale or volumetric fillers can be utilized.

Keymac Cartoning systems utilise hot melt glue to ensure structurally sound packaging creating a strong bond, ensuring the packaging remains intact with no messy stringing, tailing or squeeze out enhancing product quality and production efficiency.