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State-of-the-Art Batchmaster III Pioneers Optical Scanning & Counting Technology

The Batchmaster® III patented dual view optics take performance scanning to a new level at 2,000 times per second and creating high-resolution 3-D images of each components.

Volume analyses are conducted on each image and a value is assigned. Only parts within the assigned volume range are counted, while out-of-tolerance parts are rejected prior to entering packaging for extreme accuracy.

Multiple chamber accumulation results in continuous run high speeds and a higher processing power allows for a higher resolution and superior count accuracy. Batchmaster┬« III has a two-gate design that allows the feeder bowl to run continuously – as one batch discharges the next batch begins, thus resulting in higher output speeds.

The new PPU is designed for tool-free assembly and disassembly, allowing for easy cleaning, wash down and maintenance. The transparent front panel allows for visual process inspection.

The PPU also has a short body to minimize product drop, and the gates are controlled by servo motors to eliminate the need for pneumatics and movement detection sensors.

Batching Systems, Inc. is a world-class manufacturer of high-speed counting and packaging machines, providing cost-effective solutions for batching and packaging needs in a variety of industries through highly engineered and customized systems.

Batching SystemsÔÇÖ products offer reliable and precise count accuracy while providing maximum operational flexibility. Maximising efficiencies, and delivering returns!