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Select Equip becomes exclusive representative of TAVIL

Select Equip has become the exclusive representative of TAVIL in the Australian and New Zealand region.

The collaboration of Select Equip and Tavil allows for existing customers as well as future projects to be supported by local service and sales in the ANZ Region.

The TAVIL Group was founded in 1925 in the area of La Garrotxa in northern Spain.

Case Packing Systems:

The Tavil Box Forming and Closing systems forms and closes boxes from a cardboard blank using hot melt glue. The multiformat system allows the memorizing of up to 99 different boxes and is able to work simultaneously from 1 to 4 different boxes with a single or dual head machine. The instantaneous automatic changeover makes the machine ready to work in less than 4 seconds with different box designs and/or different box sizes.

Palletising Systems:

Tavil looks for the best packing and palletising solution according to the clientsÔÇÖ requirements. Tavil works with box and layout design as well as with the equipment selection in order to produce the optimal automatic packing line.

Tavil solutions are programmed to work in a multiformat system, able to memorize different recipes which are linked to automatic changeovers for every part of the packing line.

The Tavil Max Pallet system is an intuitive and touch system to edit palletising mosaics.

Complete automatic solution with multipallet and automatic interlayer dispenser, premosaic tables, full pallet transfer, stretch wrappers, labeller and other devices.

Case Forming and Closing