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G.Mondini – Robotic Technology

Hygienically pick and place crust frozen steak using robotics.

Sound unrealistic? Not anymore thanks to G Mondini

G Mondini the world leader in Tray Sealing technology have released an advanced picking head system for the Robotic Loading of Crust Frozen Steak.

This system offers processors the obvious advantages in labour reduction, consistent placement and capacity without compromising on hygiene

The system is fully wash down capable and utilises an innovative hygienic picking head design.

The Picking head takes advantage of the Bernoulli Vacuum principle. This results in a ÔÇ£No Suck BackÔÇØ effect and is the same principle as the ÔÇ£up draft of an aeroplane wingÔÇØ.

The system uses the – Adept Quattro s650HS

The Adept Quattro Ôäó s650HS parallel robot is the only robot (delta robot) in the world that has been USDA accepted for the meat and poultry processing. The patented four-arm design advanced control algorithms and large work envelope make the Adept Quattro the ideal overhead-mount robot for smooth motion, high-throughput applications. The Adept Quattro is powered by ultra-compact controls and embedded amplifiers, which reduces the cycle time and improves the footprint efficiency.

For further information on this or the many other innovative developments bought to the packaging industry courtesy of G Mondini please contact