The ONLY TRAY SEALER of its kind has just launched. Introducing the Cigno

G.Mondini fills the gap in the market with the launch of the CIGNO fully automatic tray sealing system for small to medium productions

It’s no secret that when it comes to Tray Sealing G.Mondini leads the way. The world leader in tray sealing technology, Mondini’s commitment to quality and innovation has meant that the Australian market and its manufacturers are getting the best of the best in food packaging solutions and their brand-new release is no exception. The Cigno is the only sealer of its kind that requires no tools for changeover, has a small footprint, easy wash down and comes at a very competitive price point.

The Cigno is the new generation compact Tray Sealer specifically created for small meat, ready meal retailers and supermarket (back of store) which has just been released here in Australia.  Mondini have launched a tray sealer that is a straightforward solution that delivers efficiency and advanced MAP tray-sealing technology.

Select Equip is bringing this technology to the Australian market and is the exclusive distributor of G.Mondini. The Cigno is a game-changer for those that have space restrictions, or limited technical support in the manufacturing process. It’s an automatic tray sealer at the cost of a semi-automatic sealer. It’s the only tray sealer in its class that can be fed from a conveyor

With its small compact design, stainless steel frame for wash down and easy accessibility and reduced footprint which is well below the industry standard of 2.4mt at just 1.6mt, it looks like a no-brainer for retailers.

There is NO compromise on quality and product shelf-life achieved, ensuring required product shelf-life for application where O2>1% as Vacuum/gas process. The Cigno will adapt to all food industry market requirements in term of flexibility but really focused on the meat and ready meal market.

Select Equips James White advised that “you don’t need compressed air, water or vacuum pump, you can place this machine easily in multiple locations and the advanced MAP tray-sealing technology has the efficiency across many food industry segments”

If you need tray sealing technology and you’re a small manufacturer or retailer, you cannot miss out on this. It is the first step to the growth of your business and Select Equip will work with retailers at every stage from the Cigno right up to a full production line went the time comes.

This is a brand new release here in Australia, so if you’re in need of a tray sealer with a small footprint, the latest technology that’s easy to use, requires minimal training and has a really competitive price point, the G.Mondini Cigno from Select Equip might have been what you’ve been waiting for.