solutions specifically selected FOR Different Industries

Unlike some other industries, the importance of packaging in the food and beverage industry is so important it can make or break a product. 

Select Equip continues to work successfully across food and beverage manufacturing by anticipating which emerging systems and innovations will work best for our clients. 

We focus on the key areas of case-ready meat, ready meals, snacking on the go, produce, bakery and dairy sectors. By doing so it’s able to source and develop packaging systems that can be seamlessly transitioned from one sector to another utilising learned experience from one industry and adapting to another.  


Our Industries

Our leading and innovative food packaging equipment industries

Because of our approach, we have built a reputation as a specialist in packaging systems that are not only innovative and more sustainable, but ‘future proofed’.

Due to our target in the sectors we work in, it also means we have dedicated systems to those markets and know them well so we can guide and consult our customers to get the best ROI results for them.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, we are the exclusive distributor of our list of brands and equipment for the Australian Market

Our brand products range from labour saving equipment like scales right through to full packing lines.

Our range of food packaging equipment can Improve ROI & Productivity With Automatic and Semi -Automatic Packing Machines

We provide flexible, innovative packaging systems to the Fresh Produce, Ready Meals, Dairy, Bakery, Meat, Seafood and Poultry markets

Absolutely, reach out to our sales team at and we will be able to answer any questions and provide videos and demonstrations when available.