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End of line packaging systems have never had more demand for change and flexibility, that’s why Select Equip chose Tavil end of line system as technology partner.


TAVIL’s flexible and modular packing line systems offers accessible and cost-effective high-tech pack and palletising solutions including customisable, high speed multi-format packing, multi-line palletising solutions and automated integral crate transport systems.

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Multi-format Case Packing At The Push Of A Button.The instantaneous automatic changeover makes the Tavil multiformat box forming machine ready to work in less than 4 seconds with different box designs and/or different box sizes pre-loaded into the system.


Years Of Experience

The multiformat system memorises up to 99 different boxes and is able to work simultaneously from 1 to 4 different boxes and can work as a modular system with up to 4 case formers of differing sizes to feed several production lines. With their high speed, instantaneous changeover at the push of a button, it means no production interruptions.

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Multiformat systems with automatic changeover
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Continuous high-speed production.
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Rapidly adapted to meet the continuous changes of the packaging requirements
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Production of up to 1200 boxes/hour depending on box design and size
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Forms and closes boxes from a cardboard blank using hot melt glue.
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Change box designs in seconds at the push of a button

Tavil’s flexible and modular packing line technology provides cost effective modular turnkey, solutions to meet current and future packing needs to stay ahead of the changes in the manufacturing market increasing productivity while reducing cost.

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