Product Handling & End-of-line Automation Solutions

Lan Handling Technologies, a Netherlands based company, specialises in and end-of-line automation solutions for the global food industry. Lan handling manufactures handling systems for bags, bins, semi-rigid containers, cans, jars and pouches as well as stretch and flow-wrapped products with efficient handling end-of-line systems includes integrated robotics for case packing, crate forming and stacking/destacking and palletising. Lan pride themselves on being at the cutting edge of technology and their systems are based on standardised concepts which are tailored to meet customers’​ specific business goals and operating requirements.

Why Lan Handling?

  • Highest capacity + gentle handling + smallest footprint
  • Gripper design for all packaging types
  • Loading crates and boxes
  • Solution for all market segments
  • Handling of bags, bins, stretch or flow-wrapped products
LAN Handling Case Packaging

LAN Solutions

Flexible Palletisers

Lan’s modular palletising system is easy to adapt to your requirements.

For example: starting with a simple low-cost layout with pallets on the floor, our systems can be expanded into a fully automated palletising solution with a pallet magazine, conveyors and wrapping or strapping system. New product or layer pattern in mind? No problem. Your investment remains guaranteed. Our palletising robots can easily be reconfigured or relocated as your production line changes. Lan’s palletising system perfectly integrates with crate stackers and de-stackers, including bale arm folding for nested crates.

  • Modular and scalable, can grow as your business grows
  • Palletising all kinds of objects
  • Boxes, bales, crates, sacks, totes and bottles: you mention it, LAN can handle it
  • Smallest footprint in the market
  • Automatic and quick change-over
  • Affordable line modifications
  • One multifunctional gripper system
  • Capacity can run up to 20 products per minute

Case packing

Your user-friendly and fast system for accurate crate and box loading

Product handling in the food industry? Like meat, fish, poultry, ready meals or fresh produce?

Then you can’t do without LAN’s high capacity pick and place systems. A flexible industrial robot is the centre of our case packer. They finetuned the robot arm for each pack format to optimise speed and careful positioning within crates, boxes or other secondary packaging. Product changeover? You fix it quickly and automatically by simple program selection from the user-friendly operator HMI.

Depending on your type of product, we use vacuum or mechanical grippers in the robot tool. The vacuum solution is used for typical retail packaging, such as skin packaging, top sealed trays, flow-wrapped and stretch-wrapped packaging. We handle vertical plastic fill and seal bags (VFFS), nets, bags for fresh food with mechanical grippers.

  • Easy to expand - You can easily expand your case packing system with crate stackers / destackers, a crate erector or palletising solution. Whatever suits your need.
  • Case Packing - Capacity Up to 160 trays per minute
  • Compatibility with various high quality suppliers, like Mondini
  • Interfacing - Fluent connection with (de-)stackers, bale arm folder and palletisers

Crate Erectors

The folding crate is gaining ground in the fruit and vegetable market. The reason is the considerable savings in terms of transport and space.

The de-stacking and unfolding of these crates can easily require a handful of employees per shift. In a market where personnel is already scarce, it’s about putting employees in positions where they can add the most value to your process.

That is why LAN designed the crate erector. With this compact machine, the production capacity is maintained and a lot of man-hours are saved.


Additional options that highlight versatility

We integrate crate erectors in existing lines, as well as in completely new transport/handling areas in a production hall. In the latter case, Lan Handling automates, for example, the pallet handling towards the crate erector and the transport of the empty unfolded crates to case packers. In these cases, the crate erector can be equipped with a pallet pusher.

From an infeed position, the stacks of folded crates are automatically pushed into the machine. In addition, customers can opt for a control system. In that case, sensors check when a folding crate no longer unfolds optimally, for example, due to wear or breakage, after which it is automatically removed from the process. The crate erector can also be used for automatic de-stacking of boxes. The only difference is that the folding function is then switched off.


  • Crate erector increases efficiency at folding crate users: automatic de-stacking and unfolding
  • Handles full and half size crates
  • A speed of up to 1,200 full-size folding crates (600mm by 400mm) per hour
  • With half-size folding crates (300mm by 200mm) the speed is even twice as fast
  • The machine processes all common types of folding crates
  • Various large fresh produce customers from Europe are opting for the high-speed crate erector

Crate Destacker / Stacker

Do you use reusable supermarket crates? Or crates for internal transport?

Then our heavy-duty stainless steel crate destacker and stacker are perfect for you. High capacity of 30 units per minute is possible. The speed depends on the weight and height of your crates or boxes. We have a solution for everything. What’s holding you back? Do away with heavy work, back problems and pinched fingers. And speed up your process!


How it works?

First, we destack your crates or boxes and present them to a robotic system. Then your products are formed for pick-up by the robot and loaded into the box or crate by a pick & place system. After loading, filled crates or boxes are stacked and fully automatically palletised.

  • Automate your heavy and expensive manual labour
  • A specialist separation system ensures that your crates and boxes do not stick together during the whole process.
  • Up to 30 crates, boxes per minute
  • Crates and boxes - Most brands and sizes
  • Interfacing - Fluent interfacing with case packers, bale arm folders or AGV's

Interested in LAN?

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