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Turn-key efficient handling systems

Lan Handling Technologies, a Netherlands based company, specialise in and end-of-line automation solutions for the global food industry. Lan handling manufactures handling systems for bags, bins, semi-rigid containers, cans, jars and pouches as well as stretch and flow-wrapped products with efficient handling end-of-line systems includes integrated robotics for case packing, crate forming and stacking/destacking and palletising. Lan pride themselves on being at the cutting edge of technology and their systems are based on standardised concepts which are tailored to meet customers’​ specific business goals and operating requirements.
LAN Handling Case Packaging

LAN Handling Technologies Solutions

Flexible Palletisers

Lan’s modular palletising system is easy to adapt to your requirements.

For example: starting with a simple low-cost layout with pallets on the floor, our systems can be expanded into a fully automated palletising solution with a pallet magazine, conveyors and wrapping or strapping system. New product or layer pattern in mind? No problem. Your investment remains guaranteed. Our palletising robots can easily be reconfigured or relocated as your production line changes. Lan’s palletising system perfectly integrates with crate stackers and de-stackers, including bale arm folding for nested crates.

  • Modular and scalable, can grow as your business grows
  • Palletising all kinds of objects
  • Boxes, bales, crates, sacks, totes and bottles: you mention it, LAN can handle it
  • Smallest footprint in the market
  • Automatic and quick change-over
  • Affordable line modifications
  • One multifunctional gripper system
  • Capacity can run up to 20 products per minute

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