Belca – specialists in Flow Pack (HFFS) solutions.

For more than 30 years of designing and manufacturing packaging lines and machines in all production sectors and in most food packaging machines, Belca is specialist in Flow Pack – Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Machine (HFFS) solutions. 

Their new Flow Pack range will make your products adapt to the new realities in packaging for a more sustainable world. They are evolving and adapting their materials to the needs of the Market. Belca is a committed team that is not afraid of change. Therefore, the materials we use are adapted to the circular economy concept, incorporating biodegradable materials.

Platformer Plus by G.Mondini

Belca Solutions


FLOW PACK | Automatic Wrapper. The HPS 5 INOX is a top-of-the-range Flow Pack type automatic wrapper, geared towards wrapping fresh products with or without support or lower tray automatically with heat-sealing materials.

It can work with multiple materials such as BOPP, polyolefin, complex and complex shrink films, biodegradable and compostable materials and paper.

With unwinding from the top and the possibility of working with MAP if control and analysis equipment is installed. The machine is used to individually wrap products that need to be protected from external agents. Its mechanical construction is robust and its operation versatile since it has electronic control of the different movements of the machine.

  • The TRAVE range of tray sealers are the culmination of over 40 years experience in designing building and selling tray sealers.
  • Allows multiple packaging formats on the one machine without compromise on performance or security of the final package
  • Combines a new screw lifting system with Mondini world leading tool design to achieve complete control over the parameters of the packaging technology
  • Thin construction reducing floor space
  • Reduce Top Film Waste By 40%
  • Combines the latest innovations in engineering technology, hygiene concepts and fine control over important packaging system parameters
  • Have a unique design removing the supporting columns around the tool area thus opening access to the important parts of the system
  • Open area for perfect human machine interface.

G.Mondini Platformer

Simply revolutionary. Forming trays on demand, in line, from a reel. Platformer technology revolutionises the concept of tray forming by cutting the tray footprint before the forming process occurs, reducing the scrap to just 1%.

An additional benefit of this innovative process is that the tray format change-over time is less than 10 minutes with only two components needing to be changed, at a cost which is a fraction of a standard thermoformer. This is a fully flexible system that can be tailored to suit unique customer circumstances and demands.

  • Trave and Platformer combined deliver the ultimate packaging line, environmental and economically sustainable by reducing packaging waste, driving down cost and at the same time improving line flexibility to meet your clients ever changing needs
  • Thermoforming or tray sealing in the one line
  • Base tray waste of just 1%
  • Simple, fast tray format change-over
  • In-line, on-demand feeding
  • Quick reel change-over
  • Whether using trays made in line or pre-made, the line is designed in such a way that the product can be filled either automatically or by skilled staff

Platformer PLUS®

This new system is the next step evolution of the successful PLATFORMER® tray manufacturing system.

The new PLATFORMER PLUS® is skilfully designed to expand the scope and flexibility of this unique technology delivering a range of new benefits.


  • Efficiency for long production runs reducing downtime
  • Reduces plastic wastage to below 2% saving money and environmental impact
  • Reduce cycle time optimising machine output with flawless forming and tray quality
  • Fabricates high-quality tray to run seamlessly across all high speed denesters and tray sealers
  • Continuous high speed hygienic production Stacking unit matched to capacity requirements
  • Capable to be sited in clean area for continuous production
  • Replaces costly storage and double handling of pre made trays from external supplier


G.Mondini, a name linked with innovation, quality and experience in providing dynamic Tray Sealing Packaging Systems, continue to grow with its ground-breaking innovation in Paperseal®.

Winning the 2020 Paperboard Packaging Sustainability Award, innovative PaperSeal packaging technology is part of G.Mondini’s initiative to fundamentally rethink packaging systems to promote green packaging alternatives across the food industry.

Not only is it the sustainability factor from the designed for the film liner to be easily separated from the paperboard after use, such that the paperboard portion of the tray can be recycled it’s produced with renewable fiber sourced from sustainably-managed forests, utilising 80-90% paperboard and 10-20% film – dramatically reducing plastic use and limiting base tray waste to just 2% – the lowest in the industry today.

With its ability to provide a variety of striking, innovative graphics and designs on the packaging itself, it provides retailers with a unique design opportunity with 360° branding options. This allows products to stand out from competitors and the ability to communicate messages, promotions and branding.

  • Paperseal is suitable for any closing format which is perfect for cheese, fresh meats, processed meats, ready-made products, frozen foods, snacks, salads and fruit
  • Vertical display and space saving
  • All the benefits of Skin packing to ensure optimal package performance
  • 80-90% less plastic verus standard VSP
  • Designed for the film liner to be easily separated from the paperboard after use
  • 360° branding options - Outstanding display of product quality and visual appeal



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