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Equip Community

Our responsibility is to serve and assist the community we live in both locally and abroad. By being outwardly focused, providing the financial support to improve the lives of underprivileged children around us.

Children are our future, we need to protect, grow, educate, improve the health of the young to build equality and break the cycle of underprivileged children and children living in distress.

Equip Community – is interested in any project that supports and develops the lives of underprivileged children within the local community by providing financial support to ensure they are living in a safe environment, being provided with quality health care and have the means and access to education.


If we educate, we can break the cycle and improve the future opportunities
If we have healthy children we improve the quality and future longevity of the community.
Children need to be free to be children and live in a safe and free environment.
Age group 1-18 years.

To partner with other organizations who are making a difference.
To develop the lives of children in need.
Encourage others.
Assistance in the growth, safety, education and health of children living in distress or underprivileged.

Select Equip supports this vision by being involved with and donating to:

Abolishion actively works to break the sex slave industry in Romania by creating awareness and mobilizing people in the fight against human trafficking. Abolishions core values are ones that Select Equip strongly adheres to.

They do whatever it takes to find the solution for the problem they face.

People matter to them; They will go beyond their comfort zones to reach others.

They lead by inspiration, not demand.

They respect the right of staff and volunteers to rest and live whole lives.

They are transparent in all they do and why.

Providing support to local and overseas community’s with youth support programs, prison ministry, welfare programs, counselling services, children centres, hygiene education and community development.

Teen challenge drug and Alcohol programs in rural Victoria and indigenous community’s in Central Australia.

Supporting key ministry’s in Africa, India and Thailand in slum areas and villages.